Your workouts shouldn’t empty your wallet or clear your calendar

Your workouts shouldn’t empty your wallet or clear your calendar

With kettlebells, you get the effective, full-body workout you need without a massive commitment of time, space, or money.

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Your path to lifelong strength, health, and confidence

Learn kettlebells the right way so your workouts can be safe, functional, and efficient.

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Whether you want to climb a mountain at 45, bike through France at 75, or climb the stairs at 95, kettlebell training enables you to stay strong and do the activities you value most. 

→ Need a complete home gym that fits in any corner?
→ Tired of wasting money on equipment you don’t use?
→ Looking for a quick full-body workout?
→ Sick of fitness influencers and fancy kettlebell moves?

Make the Most of Your Life

With our online training platform, you’ll get in-depth, technique-focused tutorials on fundamental kettlebell movements, plus comprehensive workouts

30-Minute Full-Body Workouts

Get it done and get on with your day

Kettlebell 101

The Ultimate Beginner's Kettlebell Course

Kettlebell Complexes

String KB moves together for a full-body, single-bell blast

Catastrophic Gainz

Our most popular progressive workout program.

Live Workouts

Recorded live workouts — train with us!


Skipping mobility always ends badly.

Hi! We’re
Cat & Chau

We're glad you're here! We’re a StrongFirst Team Leader Elite (Cat) and a StrongFirst instructor (Chau) — former gym owners who left the brick-and-mortar life to bring you technique-focused, safe kettlebell coaching that will make you stronger.

Our goal is to help you build strength safely while still having the time and fitness to do the things you value most.

With us as your coaches, you can join hundreds of other people who are mastering new skills, hitting strength and conditioning goals, and doing all their favorite activities with confidence.

We love kettlebells for a long list of reasons. They’re efficient, versatile, portable, minimalist, functional, fun… and they deliver real-world results.

Learn more about us (and meet our canine co-pilot, Gracie) here!

We’ve helped more than 3,000 students become their strongest selves.

“I have less lower back pain and I’m stronger overall.”

“Cat and Chau's enthusiasm and attention to detail are unmatched.  They're always learning and growing, which makes them dynamic instructors, as they can draw from multiple disciplines.  With their coaching, I have continued to hone my kettlebell technique.

Since training with kettlebells, I have less lower back pain and I’m stronger overall, thanks to the dynamic, full-body exercises.  If you’re looking for all-star coaches, you just found them.”

— Ryan


Get support and coaching in the LearnKettlebells community

Upload videos and get coaching! This is a game-changer when it comes to safe and effective training. Or just share kettlebell memes!


Complete a wide variety of movements and workouts with a small collection of 2-3 kettlebells.


Swap a total gym for 3 kettlebells that get you better results for a fraction of the cost.


Fit in a full-body workout in just 30-45 minutes.


Finish a safe, functional, full-body strength and conditioning workout while avoiding injury.


Become incredibly strong and fit with just 2-3 kettlebells and a handful of movements.


Pack your kettlebells and do your training where life takes you. 


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