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Unlock Tight Shoulders with the Kettlebell Arm Bar

Have you tried the kettlebell arm bar, but you were like “I don’t get it”? In this video, I teach you how to do it. The kettlebell arm bar is a great warmup for any overhead lift. Think of it as shoulder prehab and shoulder rehab all rolled into one. Your kettlebell presses, Turkish get-ups, […]


Learn the Kettlebell Snatch with the T-Rex Swing 🦖

A lot of my students come to me wanting to learn how to do the kettlebell snatch. This drill is the quickest, most effective way to teach the kettlebell snatch that I’ve found yet. It also fixes a lot of common kettlebell snatch problems, like wrist-banging and straight-arming. It’s called the three-level T-Rex Swing. Check […]